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Summer of Independents

This summer we’re taking a closer look at some of the independently run small businesses in Cwmbran Centre.

We had a browse and chat with Ben from Doodlebug:

  1. What is your role at DOODLEBUG? I am Ben, the joint Owner and Manager of Doodlebug
  2. How long have you worked at DOODLEBUG in Cwmbran? We launched the shop on 6th March 2013, so we’ve been in the Cwmbran Centre for nearly seven and a half years
  3. What are 3 words to describe DOODLEBUG? Fun, Refreshing, Different 
  4. What is the favourite part about working for DOODLEBUG? All our customers. We love having a chat and getting to know everyone. We pull in a bunch of good sorts. Always a pleasure to have a natter. 
  5. What are you most excited about now lockdown has been relaxed? Getting in deliveries of new products we ordered before lockdown. We’ve got lots of new season Jellycat Amusables, new Chilly’s Bottles Food Pots and new Moomin shoppers made from recycled bottles. We’ve also been planning our website launch and look forward to being able to offer delivery and a click and collect service to our customers. 
  6. Any random facts you could share with us? It is a little known fact that the Sculptor that designed the concrete facade on the Monmouth House Flats was also responsible for designing the famous Princess Diana statue in Harrods. His name was William George Mitchell. More of his iconic murals can be found on Liverpool Cathedral. 
  7. Do you have a favourite quote? “This shop makes me feel like I’m on holiday in Cornwall”
  8. What do you love about Cwmbran? Free parking of course! 


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