News — Cwmbran Centre Supports Red Box Project and Donates to Local School


For a long time there has been much stigma and taboo surrounding the topic of menstruation, with many females being made to feel dirty or embarrassed for a natural bodily function. And to further add to the woe of these females, they are then made to pay tax for essential sanitary products to be able to live a normal life. However for some, day-to-day life just isn’t possible, with many young women missing out on education or work because they can’t afford the items they need during their period.

In response to hearing about the much debated 2017 news topic, ‘Period Poverty’, a group of friends from the UK set up ‘The Red Box Project’, a community-based, not-for-profit initiative designed to help women gain access to these crucial sanitary products, for free.

Almost two years after The Red Box Project was founded, there are now Red Boxes set up across the UK, New Zealand and United States of America. One of the latest boxes to be installed as part of the charity initiative is here in Cwmbran.

Cwmbran Centre Manager, Rikki Teml, said, “We are proud to be one of the latest destinations to partake in The Red Box Project. Period Poverty is a real, ongoing issue for many women across the world, so when a member of staff here at Cwmbran Centre suggested we have a Red Box, we agreed in an instance. Our first Red Box received numerous donations from staff, which we have now donated to a local Torfaen school. Due to the popularity of the box, Cwmbran Centre will now have a permanent open donation box within the Management Offices so that members of the public can also donate if they wish.”

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