News — Earth Day 2021


Earth Day is an environmental movement that started in 1970 and now takes place annually to help create positive actions towards protecting our planet.

You can join the world’s leaders from 20th – 22nd April to help Restore Our Earth™. Don’t underestimate your power. When your voice and your actions are united with millions of others around the world, we can create a movement that is inclusive, impactful, and impossible to ignore.

To celebrate Earth Day at Cwmbran, we’re highlighting some of the efforts our retailers are making to be more environmentally friendly or sustainable:


  • Costa introduced re-usable cups into stores to help them continue reducing the number of takeaway cups being used. You’ll even benefit from 25p off any handcrafted drink when it’s served in a reusable cup and it doesn’t have to be a Costa one!
  • Too Good To Go – the app that lets you rescue delicious, unsold food from local shops and restaurants so it doesn’t go to waste. To get your hands on a Costa Magic Bag, head to the Too Good To Go app now





  • Recycle old shoes in store (do not just have to be running shoes). They will either be donated or re-purposed to create new products.


New Look

  • New Look Kind –
  • Using Kinder Materials – Over 30% of our clothes are made using more sustainable fabrics
  • Recycling Our Plastic – Our bags are made with up to 80% of our own recycled plastic
  • Making A Positive Difference – Our foundation, New Look Gives, supports charities & community partnerships
  • Reaching Carbon Neutrality – All our stores are 100% carbon neutral




  • Starbucks Circular Cup – A Reusable Cup, Made from Recycled Coffee Cups. You’ll get 25p off in-store when you use it. (You can use any reusable cup in Starbucks to receive the 25p discount)
  1. Starbucks collects millions of used paper coffee cups in their stores every year
  2. Big bundles of these cups are first taken to a site in Wales to be industrially cleaned and shredded down to turn the old paper cups into a sturdier reusable one
  3. The recycled cups are blended with recycled plastic to form a strong resin, used in the cups outer layer
  4. In Cornwall, the factory transforms the fully recycled material back into cup form, using moulds
  5. Once finished, the cups are sent to Starbucks stores across the country, ready for customers to give the once coffee cup a new life as the Starbucks Circular Cup


The Fragrance Shop


The Perfume Shop




  • Offer shoe, clothing and bag repairs, watch repairs, car key repairs, phone and tablet repairs as well as dry cleaning.


  • Looking for a way to recycle your mask? Wilko have partnered with Reworked & Scan 2 Recycle to launch a scheme where your mask can be donated, recycled and turned into recycled boards, and the Cwmbran store will be offering this service soon #Reclaimthemask
  • WILKO – PPE Recycling Scheme


Battery Recycling

The following Cwmbran stores collect batteries for recycling:

  • Cancer Research
  • Poundland
  • Superdrug
  • Timpson
  • WHSmith
  • Wilko

Charity Shops

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and find some great pieces to compliment your high street buys, why not visit one of our Charity Shops for the ultimate in sustainability?

  • British Heart Foundation Home Store
  • Cancer Research UK
  • St David’s Foundation
  • Ty Hafan

Get involved at home

From making an Earth Day sign to display in your window, to eating a plant-based meal or reducing your plastic waste, there are lots of things you can easily do to make a difference! EARTHDAY.ORG have compiled various other ways you can get involved, including creating your own act of green.

Find out more here.

Together, we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction. Together, we can Restore Our Earth™.

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