News — Time to Change Wales, #TalkingIsALifeline


This month, we are supporting the #TalkingIsALifeline campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma around men’s mental health.

Mental health problems can affect one in four people at any time. Men can find talking about mental health particularly hard, but talking is a lifeline.

Only 29% of men know someone with a mental health problem. It’s time we asked the question for men’s mental health: ‘Are you alright?’

The #TalkingIsALifeline campaign aims to encourage men to talk about their mental health without the fear of being judged. Talking is a Lifeline emphasises that talking about mental health might be one of the bravest things a man can do.

It’s time we talked about men’s mental health. It’s time to change Wales. #TalkingIsALifeline

If you are struggling, or if you are concerned about someone that might be, head to the Time To Change Wales website to find out about the support that is available.

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